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Gardening Advantage creates and hosts a wide variety of websites that are targeted towards the home gardener and plant grower. We also provide website development and optimization services to select clients. is a website devoted to the cultivation of kitchen and medicinal herbs in gardens indoors and out. is a website dedicated to the art and science of reproducing, or cloning, plants via various propagation methods including bulbs, budding, grafting, offsets, runners, and many others. is a website dedicated to the technology of growing plants without soil, using hydroponic methods.


Advertising opportunities are available for most of our created websites. By targeting your ad dollars to the specific vertical marketplace you need to reach, Gardening Advantage offers a unique opportunity to message end users interested in particular aspects of the gardening universe.

Gardening & Hydroponic Domains For Sale

General and organic gardening domains for sale include:

Hydroponic gardening domains for sale:

Lawn Care domains for sale:

Garden Product domains for sale:

Client Websites

The following fine companies have previously engaged Gardening Advantage for our web development and maintenance services.

Rock Nutrients (GA designed website has been replaced.)

Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supplies (maintenance and database)

Alternative Garden Supply (maintenance and database)

Brew and Grow (maintenance and database)

Deer Valley Turf Farm & Landscaping (GA Design)

Harvest Solutions, LLC (GA Design)

Client Social Media

The following fine companies have previously engaged Gardening Advantage for our Social Media services.

Rock Nutrients

Stay tuned to Gardening Advantage as our gardening network of websites grows!